Do I have to tip my photographer?

Although we do not require that you tip the photographer, it is customary.  One of the questions that will pop into your head as your wedding approaches are “to tip or not to tip”, so we did some research and compared numerous guides to give you the most reasonable list.

Wedding Planner: 10% to 20% of fee

Delivery/Set-Up Staff: $5 to $10 per person

Photographer/Videographer: $50-$200 per vendor or 15% of fee

Hair/Make-Up Artist: 15% to 20% of fee

Transportation: 15% of fee

Officiant: $50 to $100

Musicians/Band: $15 to $20 per member or 15% of fee

DJ: $25 to $150

Reception/Catering Staff: 15% to 20% of fee

Remember: Tipping is optional but it is always welcomed and shows that you appreciate all of the hard work that was put into making your wedding memorable.